illicoPresta, c’est une équipe d’experts soudée autour d’une ambition : révolutionner le E-Commerce en créant des outils pensés pour les E-Commerçants. Prestashop est une plateforme accessible à tous qui a tout de suite fait l’unanimité chez illicoPresta. Nous apportons notre pierre à l’édifice en développant des modules efficient et unique pour Prestashop.


illicoPresta is a team of experts welded around an ambition to revolutionize the e-commerce by creating tools designed for E- Merchants. We adopt PrestaShop as the most simple and powerful e-commerce platform. We bring our building block in developing the only ERP fully integrated to PrestaShop

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What is ERP ?

What is ERP ?

ERP means « Enterprise Resource Planning». There is an equivalent in French: PGI (Progiciel de Gestion Intégré) but the English expression is more commonly used.

What does ERP do ?

The objective of ERP is to provide consistency and uniformity across a company’s IT system with a single tool that must to be able to cover a wide management scope. An ERP system is subdivided into modules. Generally, each module covers one of the following management areas:

  • Purchases management
  • Sales management
  • Accounting management
  • Monitoring management
  • Production management
  • Stock management

 ERP and eCommerce

Combining ERP with eCommerce is often problematic. There are many eMerchants who deal with problems relating to stock management, orders, etc. on a daily basis; these are basically the issues that an ERP system handles. Such problems generally intensify as an activity gains in size. Two solutions are usually offered to the webmerchants:

Solution 1: Interface the eCommerce with one of the ERP platforms on the market

Many companies have ERP at the heart of their IT system. The ERP software not only manages online sales, but also all of the company’s commercial and production activity. If this is your situation, modifying your eCommerce platform so that it can integrate ERP functionalities will not be a worthwhile solution unless you do not use all of your ERP’s functionalities. In which case, you need to work it out. It may be better to opt for solution 2. You could gain in terms of simplicity and cost of use.

Solution 2: Develop the eCommerce platform to integrate ERP functionalities

For eMerchants whose activity revolves primarily around their eCommerce (and they are plenty of them!), the choice of an »independent« ERP to interface with their eCommerce platform is an extremely costly solution and all too often ineffective. Rather than an over-evolved ERP that is poorly suited to an online sales activity, we would recommend setting up ERP functionalities within the eCommerce operation itself (providing greater flexibility and more possibilities in terms of stock management and the processing of customers’ orders for example). The problem is that such development tends to be more expensive than most webmerchants can afford, and in the past there has not been a solution especially suited to Prestashop.

With 1-Click ERP, illicoPresta offers an alternative.

We encountered the above situation very early on at illicoPresta. Few webmerchants were able to find a satisfactory solution that was not prohibitively expensive. By developing 1-Click ERP, illicoPresta has provided a solution that offers:

  • All the ERP functionalities required by eMerchants (in other words, an intuitive tool specifically designed for eCommerce rather than an «overcomplicated system» that is virtually unusable).
  • An ERP system at an accessible price as it is available in pack form. Once again, the objective was to offer a solution that met your requirements. No more, no less. The further you go up the range, the more the pack offers in terms of advanced functionalities. Unlike a traditional ERP solution, you ONLY pay for what you use.

1-Click ERP is currently the only native solution integrated into Prestashop that offers eMerchants a real choice between coupling the E-Commerce/ERPplatform and development of the eCommerce platform through the addition of ERP functionalities.

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