Advanced control module suppliers, to 1.5 illicoPresta

The advanced control module suppliers, allows for and manage purchase orders directly from the PrestaShop back office.

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Adding parameter information for a supplier
– E-mail adress- Amount of postage

– The amount and the percentage of discounts

– Discount granted

– Delivery time

– Account number of accounting

X  X
Access to order details
 Access is directly does from the command list in AJAX  X  X
Filtered list of commands on a supplier
 X  X
Automatic Management Command Reference
X  X
Export simplified control products
 X  X
Management free shipping
 X X
Multiple selection of products
Improved product table, on order
– Automatic recovery of the purchase price- Automatic recovery of tax

– Display of the inventory quantities

– Add a comment

 X X
Management “bins products”
 These products are automatically received into the store on a hidden category.  X X
Improved reception screen
– Adding products not purchased- Amendments to approvals with the historic (purchase price, quantity)

– Modification of the purchase price of the product

– Creating good reception

 X X
accounting reconciliation
– Binding a command to an invoice- Combine several orders to invoices   X
Display of orders with tools for decision support
– Multiple selection of products- Stock level

– Quantity in stock

– Increased sales x rolling months

– Estimated sales ( of 6 month or by period )




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