The stock advanced management module of PrestaShop lets you save a lot of time in managing your stock. Our features, innovative, you allow successful management of your E-Commerce from your backoffice PrestaShop. We take great care to the ergonomics of our screens. So every step of the module is reflected and its workflow is designed to be in line with your business problem.


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full compatibility
Compatibility with all configurations inventory management of PrestaShop X  X
Centralized inventory management on a single screen
 X  X
Reproduction of your organizing of your stock
 Reproduction of your organizing of your stock in Prestashop (adding the concept of area, sub-area and location of a product in stock)  X  X
full View
 A complete view of your inventory with the display for each product, the following information:– Category– Manufacturer– Purchase Price / Sales– Quantities

– Location in stock

X  X
Customize the stock to suit your needs 
 Customize the stock to suit your needs through the use of multiple filters:– Warehouse– Category– Supplier– Manufacturer

– Quantity

 X  X
Export .CSV
 Export the status of your stock in CSV (Excel)  X X
-Create images of stock in one click *– Travel back in time and rediscover your stock to a previous state    X
Stock transfer
 Allows you to send products between two warehouses from a screen showing stock status of two warehouses (allows the use of a shower head to save you in simplicity and efficiency)   X
Gestion des SKU
 Manages the SKU (internal references) products automatically based on your model number that you have defined.   X
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* The package includes 2 locations.