You can save time on productivity and customer satisfaction. you spend less time in processing orders, so this is an order that arrives faster towards his client, so the client is satisfied. Our module can also help you manage your E-Commerce.

nouveaute The “Stock Alert” and an icon that informs you of the availability of all of your products for each order shipped.You will have a nice and intuitive interface improvements, which allow guests to see only once in all the important information that matches your customer orders (id of the control, reference, alert to the availability of stock, carrier, No. the last document, customer, amount, status, date …)

Stock Show

With the mouse hover, the detail of every order appears (product, quantity ordered and quantity available). This will allow you to manage the priority of each order without leaving the main screen.


Managing your customer orders from a single screen

Change all the articles selected in three stages, with our massive feature status change commands: select your order, select the desired new status and confirm*****


Quick Change

Modifiez en un seul click et sans quitter l’écran principal le statut d’une commande grâce à notre fonction « Quick Change » :