Advanced stock management


 Just one screen to monitor evolution and history of stock in real time. Not forgetting our « time-saving » functionalities :

  • Reproduction of the organization of your stock.
  • Create images of stock in 1 click. The module includes two locations, you can then go back in time and view your stock at an earlier date.
  • Send products between two warehouses from a screen showing stock levels in both warehouses. This functionality allows the use of a scanner for greater efficiency and simplicity.
  • Manage your product SKUs (internal references) automatically by using a numbering model that you define.
Light version price: 119 € ex. tax | Pro version price: 149 € ex. tax


This effective module is simple but comprehensive enabling you to carry out inventories according to your organization. A simple, intuitive screen allows you to filter all inventories to be carried out by supplier, zone, sub-zones or locations, and by categories or brands. View all products requiring inventories at a glance, and their locations if they exist. Pre-fill quantities recorded with the original quantities thanks to our “Apply quantity” function. 

  • Define your locations and zones.
  • Set a maximum difference value after which a warning is given to avoid data entry errors.
Light version price: 149 € ex. tax | Pro version price: 249 € ex. tax

Customer order processing

An improved, pleasant-to-use, intuitive interface that allows you to see all the necessary information relating to customer orders at a glance (order ID, reference, stock availability alerts, carrier, no. of last document, customer, amount, status, date etc.) 

  • « Stock Alert » informs you whether or not products are available for each order to be dispatched
  • Modification of the status of all or part of your customer orders in 1 click
Price: 49.90 € ex. tax

Supplier order processing

Thanks to this illicoPresta Prestashop module, you can efficiently manage large volumes of customer orders with the « change of status by batch » functionality. This functionality enables you, for example, to place a large number of orders in one click « Preparation in progress » to « Delivery in progress ». Faster management of orders brings disconcerting simplicity! Similarly, this illicoPresta module allows you to generate delivery slips in one click and to export them in .CSV format 

  • Management of customer orders from a single screen.
  • Change the status of all orders in one click.
  • Bulk production of delivery slips.
Light version price: 179 € ex. tax | Pro version price: 249 € ex. tax

Creation of estimates


Create and manage estimates directly from your Prestashop back-office. 

  • Create estimates with a personalized numbering system.
  • Transform estimates into orders.
  • Manage the validity of estimates.
Price: 119 € ex. tax

Compare Light Version / Pro Version

Total compatibility
 Compatibility with all Prestashop stock management configurations X  X
Centralization of stock management on a single screen
 X  X
Reproduction of the organization of your stock.
 Reproduce the organization of your stock in Prestashop (addition of the concept of zone, sub-zone and location of a product in the stock)  X  X
Comprehensive view
 A comprehensive view of your stock with display, for each product, of the following information :– Category– Manufacturer– Purchase / Sale price– Quantities– Location in stock X  X
Personalize the stock according to your requirements 
 Personalize the stock according to your requirements through the use of a full range of filters :– Warehouse– Category– Supplier– Manufacturer– Quantity  X  X
.CSV export
 Export your stock status in .csv format (Excel)  X X
– Create pictures of stock with one click*– Go back in time and view your stock at an earlier date    X
Stock transfer
 Send products between two warehouses from a screen showing stock levels in both warehouses (allows the use of a scanner for greater efficiency and simplicity)   X
Management of SKUs
 Manage your product SKUs (internal references) automatically by using a numbering model that you define.   X

Archiving of your inventories
 Your inventories are archived for as long as you require and can be consulted at any time. X X
Enter inventory data on or off line
 Carry out an inventory in connected or unconnected mode. Input your inventory offline with two export tools :- Our .pdf export tool enables you to input your inventory in unconnected mode and to work as a team – Our .csv import/export tool enables you to enter all necessary data in unconnected mode.  X X
Detection of stock differences
See all stock differences in the inventory in progress or previous inventories.  X X
Multiple shop and multiple warehouse compatibility
Display and filtering by warehouse
 X X
Display and filtering by category
 X X
Display and filtering by supplier
 X X
Display and filtering by brand
 X X
Display and filtering by zone
Export of advanced table by zone
 The advanced inventory table is a visual representation of your stock (zones, sub-zones and locations). You can export this table in .csv format so you can carry out an inventory in unconnected mode.   X
“Stock difference” warning
 Set a maximum stock difference value. A warning is displayed in the event of an input error.   X
Application of initial stock by default

Addition of settings information for a supplier
– Email address- Amount of carriage paid – Amount and percentage of reduction granted- Discount granted, – Delivery time – Account numbers X  X
Access to details of an order
 Access directly from the list of orders, in AJAX  X  X
Filtering of the list of orders for a supplier
 X  X
Automatic management of order references
X  X
Simplified export of the products for an order
 X  X
Management of carriage paid
 X X
Selection of multiple products
Improvement of the table of products in the process of being ordered
– Automatic return of purchase prices – Automatic return of tax – Display of quantities in stock – Addition of comments  X X
Management of « garbage products »
 These products are automatically received in a hidden category in the shop  X X
Improvement of reception screen
– Addition of products not ordered – Modification of reception using history (purchase price, quantity) – Modification of purchase price on the product specification – Generation of reception slips  X X
Accounting reconciliation
– Association of an order with an invoice- Association of several orders with an invoice   X
Order taking screen with decision-making tools
– Multiple selection of products – Stock levels – Quantities in stock- Rolling sales progression over x months – Sales projections (6 month rolling basis or by period)   X