In working closely with the E-Shops partners, illicoPresta has found a way to create customer orders with an automatic process, native to Prestashop. The goal is to save you time in changing the status of customer orders and allow you to optimize the recovery and search for products in your warehouse.

Managing the availability of your products by customer orders

This step module of “PICKING” from illicoPresta offers to you an orderly and efficient management of your stock for each order. There are 4 types of reports we offer you. The organization tabbed of this module is very clear.

incomplete orders

This section contains commands that have some products that are not available in your physical stock (warehouse). you can find also included in this section the commands you can not deliver immediately (pending payment, canceled, refunded – these articles are easily configurable). The action “Prioritize” allows you to prioritize a stock order, for what may benefit others before a restocking products or remaining stock. If you do not do this command, an override, it will have the default operation of the module, ie assigning a restocking or remaining the oldest stock orders.


complete orders

This section contains all complete orders that can be delivered.


Orders in preparation

Groups all the commands you prepare to send (So Colissimo, Global Relay, UPS etc.) In red are indicated incomplete orders that are shipped partially. You can print the “picking”, invoices and delivery notes and spend all your orders “Out for Delivery”.


Summary orders partial deliveries


Viewing details of each order

In red are shown the items for which only a portion of the amount desired by your client can be delivered.



Leaf picking

Summary of all products who to be prepared for all orders “In Preparation”.


Customize your module picking illicoPresta

With this step, forget the standardized process. you can easily adapt the module “picking” to your ordering process.