Inventory & Advanced stock management


 Manage your stock from the same screen, keep an eye on its evolution, the historisation oh the stock, intervene on your stock thanks to the screen of addition of movement unitarian and make a point on the state of the stock with the index card of inventory!

  • History of the states of stock
  • Simple and fast inventory of your shop
Prix : 79,90€ Ht


Customer order processing


Thanks to this module Prestashop of illicoPresta, you can manage effectively the big volumes of orders customers thanks to the feature ” change of status by lot”. This feature allows you, for example, to spend in a single click a large number of orders ” current preparation ” in ” In the course of delivery “. The management of your orders will win in speed and will become of a disconcerting simplicity!
In the same way, this module illicoPresta allows to generate your delivery slips in a click and to export them in the .CSV size.

  • Management of your orders customers from a single screen.
  • Change the status of all the orders, in a click
  • Massive edition of delivery slips..
Prix : 39.90€ Ht


Save time in the modification of the statutes of the orders customers. Get back and quickly look for products in your warehouse.  

  • Management of availability of your products by customer order.
Prix : 69.90€ Ht

Supplier order processing


Manage orders suppliers directly since BackOffice of Prestashop, follow your commands(orders) thanks to a workflow adaptable to your activity, protect and print order forms and receiving notes suppliers.
  • Visualize all orders suppliers.
    Create your commands(orders) suppliers
  • Manage the partial or total reception of your orders.
  • Generate automatically your orders suppliers.
  • Générez automatiquement vos commandes fournisseurs.
Prix : 129€ Ht

Product catalogue


Thanks to this module illicoPresta, fill your catalog Prestashop quickly thanks to a vision simplified and more accomplished than the one that proposes Prestashop nativement.  

  • Generate automatically all the possible declensions but also your internal references.
  • Do not get lost any more and work since one and the same screen.
Prix : 49.99€ Ht