After its launch almost 3 months ago, the innovative module 1-Click ERP got plenty of users on Prestashop plateform: already more than 600 downloads on Prestashop Addons and about 500 active users!
The “saving time” module, launched by the illicoPresta company on October 25th of this year, allowed many merchants to optimize the management of their e-shop. A lot of users estimate to save up to 2 hours per day!
To support illicoPresta success, the company was recently rewarded by the title of ” Remarkable Company of the month” by the network Initiative France. Read more
After 3 months, 1-Click ERP evolves! Always attentive to the merchant, 1-Click ERP is trying to adapt to their needs, their objectives and their budget!
To allow all Prestashop merchant 1.5 and 1.6 to take advantage of 1-Click ERP, illicoPresta is very happy to announce the launch of all 1-Click ERP features for free !
To offer the fullest service and the most adapted to merchant, illicoPresta appeals all merchant user:
” Your opinion interests us ”
Illicopresta wants to involve all merchant in 1-Click ERP improvement in becoming an actor of their module. IllicoPresta is waiting for many comments on its facebook and twitter or on its contact email: commercial@illicopresta
IllicoPresta will soon propose an advanced 1-Click ERP. On this new version, the merchant can compose their module of management according to their own needs at a lower cost.
Our objective: To propose the 1st custom store management module completely dedicated & integrated to Prestashop

As a reminder, 1-Click ERP is the 1st ERP integrated into Prestashop available on Prestashop 1.5 and 1.6.

– Its vocation is to support all merchant in their store management:
– Optimize Customer Order management
– Improving suppliers sheets
– Make easy suppliers orders management
– Manage stock efficiently
– Manage inventory online and offline
– Perform automatic replenishment

Through these 6 poles, 1-Click ERP proposes more than around thirty features which offer to the merchant a better flow in the management of their e-commerce.

Warning to all merchant non 1-Click ERP user : It’s time to active 1-Click ERP to save up time in your store management !!

Join the happy community !
1-Click ERP !