illicoPresta, c’est une équipe d’experts soudée autour d’une ambition : révolutionner le E-Commerce en créant des outils pensés pour les E-Commerçants. Prestashop est une plateforme accessible à tous qui a tout de suite fait l’unanimité chez illicoPresta. Nous apportons notre pierre à l’édifice en développant des modules efficient et unique pour Prestashop.


illicoPresta is a team of experts welded around an ambition to revolutionize the e-commerce by creating tools designed for E- Merchants. We adopt PrestaShop as the most simple and powerful e-commerce platform. We bring our building block in developing the only ERP fully integrated to PrestaShop

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Your Prestashop website could be slow depending on the host. Especially if you have a big volume of orders. You have to know that most of time, host offers are on shared hosting. You might be some hundreds or thousands website to share the same server/connexion/database.
If your website work slowly, you probably not have enough resources to make it work properly.

Therefore you might think about migrate your Prestashop website to an other hosting solution, more specific to your activity.

IllicoPresta offers hosting system bases on your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

  • Save your DataBase and your files
  • Upload all your files onto your new host
  • Import you Database (be carefull to the limitation of some hosts relative to the database size to import)
  • Change your Domain DNS to point on the new host

illicoPresta also offer a migration service from a host to an other one. Contact us to more information !

The update may entail risks. It is a work that needs time to be done, and moreover a lot lot of precautions to take.

  • Make sure to have enough time to do this update.
  • Make sure that all installed modules, such as your theme, are compatible with the new version you want to install.
  • Uninstall every obsoletes modules.
  • Save your database.
  • Save all the files of your website.
  • You are ready

illicoPresta offer a Prestashop update service. We take care about the full process and assure a full functionnal website after update process.
Conctact us for more informations.

  • Check if your module is well uploaded on your ftp (folder “module” of your Prestashop installation).
  • Check if the module folder has the same name as one of the .php file in the folder.
  • If your module is not on your ftp, check if you have write access on this folder (CHMOD 777 or 755). If not contact your host.

If your have a problem with your shipping fees in your front-office, check the points below:

  • You do not have any free shipping fees from a specific alount or weight (both values are to 0).
  • This carrier is not a “free carrier” (green cross in the list).
  • Have you well configured the area of the country where this carrier is supposed to ship?
  • When you are on the Shipping tab, in the “fee” area at the bottom of the page, if you select your carrier, do every price and/or weight range appear correctly?
  • Do you have the good pricing configuration (weight and price ranges)?

blog_5It is possible ! You just have to go to “Shipping” tab and set all area, zone, country or state you want with their ISO Codes

Check if your customer has not any discount in his cart if you have the option “not cumulative with other promotional offer” active.
Check if your customer has reach the total minimum order to get this disounct coupon
Check if your customer is elligible to this coupon (limit to one per customer, not used before, maximal quatity reached, …)

Step 1: Go to your Prestashop Backoffice

When you have connected to the back-office, click on the “Modules” tab of the main menu.



Step 2: Select « 1-Click ERP »

Nothing could be simpler. There are two ways of doing this: Enter “1-Click ERP” into the search box. Go to the “Administration” section. 1-Click ERP will be at the top of the list.


Step 3: Click on « INSTALLER » and receive a free month

All you have to do next is to enter your name and click on the “Activate 1 free month” button and you are all set!
You will be transferred to the module’s activation page.