illicoPresta offer you a free access to 1-Click ERP !

You are selected among more than 500 merchants to try for free 1-Click ERP. Especially for you, 1-Click ERP will be completely free throughout the module optimization stage(1).

How to enjoy ?
It’s easy : Update the module !

  1. Go on your back-office Prestashop, Module section
  2. Click on update 1-Click ERP
  3. Enjoy and test 1-Click ERP since your back-office, Commande section.

Win 1-Click ERP DEFINITIVELY for free !

Win 1-Click ERP definitively for free on a paid features of your choice (2) in coming back to us with your comments. Send us your comments by email with the object “i-Click ERP tester on : support[at] (3)
Please give us in this email : your domain name, your contact and your N° of licence 1-Click ERP.

6 functional poles
for about thirty features !

  • Optimize customer order management

  • Improving suppliers sheets

  • Make easy suppliers orders management

  • Manage your stock efficiently

  • Manage inventory online and offline

  • Perform automatic replenishment

Join the happy community ! 1-Click ERP !



(1) 1-Click ERP is available for selected merchant completely for free during the all test period. illicoPresta the company can modifi 1-Click ERP offer with free an paid functionnalities.

(2) The list of free and paid features will soon be posted on our website. 1-Click ERP will soon be available with a completely free offer and pay offer and sonstituable customized . 1-Click ERP become “Your Prestashop ERP bespoke”.

(3) The final will be allocated free of charge to all functionality of the module merchants actively testing 1-Click ERP us back a minimum of 5 notifications including a quality exchange with illicoPresta Support.