1-CLICK ERP is the 1st customised ERP to be

integrated into Prestashop

Selected by Prestashop as its preferred ERP partner, 1-Click ERP is the ultimate time saving module!

Without leaving your back-office, you can activate and use your management and administration assistant with ease!

1-Click ERP is the essential supplementary solution for your Prestashop store!

1-Click ERP, the saving time module !

1-Click ERP is the only ERP that is fully integrated into Prestashop, allowing you to manage all stages of on-line sales from your back-office! This solution was designed by e-commerce experts who specialise in Prestashop in order to assist you with the management and administration of your store through major functional areas.
Merchants have estimated that they save up to 2 hours per day by using 1-Click ERP!

  • Optimise customer order managament
  • Improve data in supplier records
  • Facilitate ordering from suppliers
  • Manage your stock efficiently
  • On-line and off-line inventory management
  • Automatic replenishment


Why choose 1-Click ERP?

  • An (ERP) software package that is intuitive, easy to use and accessible to all users

  • Modular on demand to deal with merchants’ issues as effectively as possible

  • It can be activated and used from the Prestashop back-office

  • No need for any gateway software: no additional installation costs

  • Real time with the back-office

  • A unique menu, integrated into Prestashop, combining all features

A module with A La Carte Features

To answer to every needs and budget !

Every e-sellers has different needs and budgets; for that reason 1-Click ERP is able to adapt to suit each and every e-sellers.


1-Click ERP pricing

illicoPresta’s prices are fully flexible, so you only pay for the features you need. You can therefore buy ONLY the features that you need or directly select a feature package if you don’t have time to choose!

  • Create a bespoke ERP by selecting only the desired features.
  • Manage your budget by adjusting the ERP depending on the seasonal nature of your business and changes to your store.
  • Or make life a little easier by selecting a pre-established package for speed and savings of up to 10%!!

    How do I activate 1-Click ERP now?

    Go to your Prestashop back-office and click on the module tab.

    Not sure how to do it? The 1-Click ERP activation guide gives you step-by-step instructions for completing the process..



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