A FREE ERP for Prestashop accessible to all users!

1-Click ERP (Store Manager module for PrestaShop) is available FREE OF CHARGE and can be directly downloaded from your Prestashop back-office. You can add supplementary paid features to the basic module. Therefore you only pay for the features you need!

1-CLICK ERP : The 1st ERP module to be fully integrated into Prestashop with Prestashop certification !

Save up to 2 hours per day on the management of your on-line store

Original features for Prestashop’s time-saving module ! 

The features of 1-Click ERP cover all the tedious stages of the logistics and management of an on-line store.
Optimising customer orders, real time stock management, completing your inventory in just a few clicks, placing orders with suppliers directly from your Prestashop back-office and even automatic replenishment, makes just in time systems a piece of cake: It has so many benefits that you will not be able to do without it.

Why choose 1-Click ERP?

1-Click ERP is a simple and intuitive integrated management software package that can be modified on demand. Due to the fact that it is integrated into Prestashop, this time saving module can be directly activated from your Prestashop back-office, there is therefore no need for any platform linking sofware – so no additionnal cost!

1-Click ERP is also the only bespoke ERP Prestashop module: The merchant can create ITS module according to its budget, needs and the seasonal nature of its business!

Using 1-Click ERP: Spend less time managing your Prestashop store and focus on selling!

The highlight features of 1-Click ERP

  • treatment of customers orders

  • Automated dispatch

  • Inventory

  • Stock management

  • Zoning of stock

  • stock transfer

  • Supplier orders

  • Automatic Replenishment

  • Assistance in ordering decisions


«I faced problems every day when handling customer orders. I wasted time handling each order one at a time and I lacked info on my stock. The simplicity and intuitiveness of the features of 1-Click ERP met my needs and saves me a lot of valuable time every day! I use this extra time to increase awareness of my shop on the internet, beforehand I wasn’t able to do everything at the same time! »
Françoise, LCA
«Stock management has always been a concern of mine because it could constitute a significant financial loss. With a module like 1-Click ERP, I can work with much more transparency and peace of mind having improved the filters relating to stock and exports.»
«I have just launched my on-line store on Prestashop and the back-office is very easy to use, however I quickly noticed that certain features that were necessary to get me off on the right foot were missing. Starting with the 1-Click ERP light package allowed me to start my business with peace of mind, at an unbeatable price! »
«I don’t have internet at my warehouse and my husband and I complete my inventory together. Using 1-Click ERP I can finally complete my inventory off-line on several computers at the same time!!»

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